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HR1 Course: Employee Selection & Promotion (2019)
HR1 Course: Employee Selection & Promotion (2019)
January 14 - February 24, 2019
If accelerating your professional growth and increasing your ability to contribute to the success of your firm are important to you, this interactive, online educational course is for you. Gain information on the essential areas of recruiting, selecting and promoting law firm personnel through facilitated discussions and on-demand learning that includes case studies, lectures, readings and assessments. 2019 brings about new laws to consider, including whether or not to ask about a candidates salary history, beefed up rules on anti-harassment training in California, and new contribution limits on retirement programs.
  • Week 1: Hiring Procedures
  • Week 2: Employment Laws
  • Week 3: Employee Benefit Laws
  • Week 4: Benefits & Claims
  • Week 5: Harassment
  • Week 6: Investments
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