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Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers
Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers
Adapted from Amazon: Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers, 2nd Edition (, 2019), is a no-nonsense, practical guide with hands-on advice on all the critical aspects of public relations, from the dos and don'ts of media relations to controlling your message to harnessing the power of the internet. Public relations and communications specialist Gina Rubel covers everything you need to know about promoting yourself, your firm and your practice:
• Start your PR journey by walking through the strategic planning process.
• Learn how to establish ethical and measurable public relations goals and objectives.
• Define how you want to be perceived, identify your key messages, and determine your target audiences.
• Execute your plan with effective communications and smart media outreach.
The updated and expanded second edition includes everything you need to know about modern law firm public relations.
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