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From Lawyer to Law Firm
From Lawyer to Law Firm
Managing the business of practicing law should be as important to the lawyer as the practice of law itself. It is pivotal to the success or failure of a law practice. The lawyer who considers hanging his own shingle cannot appreciate all of the moving parts involved in managing a profitable law practice until he has actually done it. When you do venture out, on your own or in a partnership with others, you soon realize that there is much more to the business of practicing law than you ever expected. Everything about your law firm affects the most important asset that your law firm owns: the attorney/client relationship. In From Lawyer to Law Firm, we address the commercial aspects of practicing law that are unique to a law firm. During our combined 70+ years in the legal profession, we have both experienced situations which may seem unbelievable. No matter where you are in your legal career, authors Elizabeth Miller and Joryn Jenkins offer you guidance and insights based on those experiences that will help to ensure success for both you and your law firm.
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