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Small Doses: Common Sense to Common Practice
Small Doses: Common Sense to Common Practice
From Amazon: Leadership, Process Improvement and Life. Each of these areas of thought influences the other two in unique and interesting ways. Small Doses: Common Sense to Common Practice contains some simple and sometimes comedic stories and examples from an innocent bystander. It isn’t theory, but real stuff that anyone can use in their own personal and professional journey. This book will make you think about your own actions, of those around you and question what you might do differently next time.
This book contains 18 chapters which can be read in any order and contains wisdom that can be applied immediately in the workplace or at home. Each chapter is clear and concise enough to be used as a topic of discussion at a team meeting or a gathering of friends interested in debating an issue, a problem, a challenge. This book can be enjoyed over coffee or a stiff drink and the ideas are intended to be shared with others.
One chapter pertains to questions: there are indeed dumb questions and people should stop and think before asking a question to which there is no answer, or the answer can easily be found by doing a Google search. Another chapter concerns simple yet powerful words that the reader can use to gain more information when there is a perceived lack of clarity and a fear of asking a dumb question. Another topic covered in the book is on “The Law of Closets”. No matter how big your closets are at home, they are always full. The parallel situation in the work environment occurs by filling the space with people and processes that don’t add value to anyone. You’ll have to get the book and read it to find out more about these other topics that are sure to push your buttons.
Curated conjectures. That is what this book contains. Read. Enjoy. Test. Share. Repeat.
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