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Motivating Without Money...
Motivating Without Money...
Full Title: Motivating Without Money: No-Cost Steps for Dramatically Improving Productivity and Engagement

According to Society for Human Resource Management, attracting, engaging and retaining skilled and semi-skilled workers, especially those who can collaborate effectively, is a leading concern of American employers. In this educational session, learn how leaders, managers and supervisors can measurably increase employee engagement, performance and teamwork ? all without tapping the company’s budget!

  • Recognize why money has never been an effective motivator.
  • Discover why money demotivates.
  • Explain why a great salary package, 401(k) and bountiful benefits are not always the answer.
  • Identify the top 10 no-cost steps for improving engagement and teamwork.
  • Outline the 10 real-world, no-cost benefits managers can use to increase engagement and teamwork.

Other Information:
Length: 60 Minutes
Audience Level: Intermediate
CLM® Application Credit for Functional Specialists: 1 hour in the subject area of Human Resources Management (HR) towards the additional hours required of some Functional Specialists to fulfill the CLM application.
CLM® Recertification Credit: 1 hour in the subject area of Human Resources Management (HR)
HRCI: General Credit
SHRM: Personnel/HR
SHRM Learning Format: Instructor-Led Activity
(Date of webinar: 9/23/2020)
Discounted member price: 29.00
You could save: 63.3%