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Membership Join Page: Limited Special Offer!

Join for an extended membership period and experience everything ALA has to offer. 
There are three rate categories:
  • $419.00 USD for U.S. members.
  • $319.00 USD for Non-U.S. members.
  • $219.00 USD for members in Government, Bar Association or Non-Profit organizations.
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Welcome New Members!

New members need to create an online user account and profile as part of the join process.  This new account will become your member record and used as the basis for interactions with you. 

If you have previously interacted with us or held a prior membership, we may already have a profile of you within our records, stored along with your email address, which may impact your ability to create a new account (email addresses are uniquely attached to each account) and may require the assistance of our Membership team (via phone: (847) 267-1585 or via email: to help with your application process. Would you like to check for this possibility?  If so, click here to search for your account.  If you have an existing account that you wish to use you can join using the Join/Rejoin option on this page, otherwise, click on the button below and get started by creating your new account.

Create Your New Account

Former Members & Existing Account Holders

Former members and nonmembers with existing accounts wishing to join/rejoin the Association may do so. We may still have your information within our records, possibly including email address and website login information as well. In this situation it would be best for you to first check to see if you are in our database before attempting to create a completely new, possibly duplicate account. Click here to search for your account.

If you know your username and password, you can use that information to jump ahead and proceed with the next step.

Sign in with existing account and Join/Rejoin

If you do not remember your sign in credentials and cannot sign in, please use the Forgot My Password or My Username links on this page to assist you with this or contact the ALA Membership team by phone at (847) 267-1585 or via email to: and we will reset it for you.