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Legal Management CE Course: Cyber Risk
Legal Management CE Course: Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk Management: The Vital Role of Legal Management Professionals

Opening October 1, 2019
This CE course will help legal managers understand their key role in helping manage the firm’s data breach risks and meeting compliance requirements.

Law firms have become a major target of cybercriminals, making the protection of confidential information a major responsibility in the business of law. Firms now face increasing pressure from both clients and regulators to demonstrate they have implemented a current information security plan and are compliant with specific best practices for protecting against and responding to data breach incidents. This course will help legal management professionals better understand the risks, regulations and the important leadership role they have in cyber risk management within the firm.

  1. Identify the cyber risks associated with law firms.
  2. Recognize the basics of good cyber risk management for your firm.
  3. Outline what should be included in an information security plan.
  4. Develop a clear understanding of cybersecurity compliance law and privacy standards.
  5. Describe what should be included in a breach response plan.
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