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Law Firm Chief Operating Officer (COO) / Professional Legal Administrator
Washington  - Spokane

We are seeking an entrepreneurial COO for a high growth law firm near Spokane, WA. The boutique firm was recently ranked in the top 100 of the fastest growing firms in the nation.

The ideal candidate will be systems-oriented, optimistic, and a team builder, ready to lead the Firm to the next level. This job is for the strategic growth catalyst that sees the bigger strategic picture and can readily identify and overcome obstacles to multiplying the Firm revenues. The candidate will have a record of implementing and achieving OKRs to fuel Firm growth. A learning mindset and strong culture building skills are a must. John Doerr "disciples" are encouraged.

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) position is a professional strategic position, not an administrative or clerical position within the Law Firm. As the most senior non-legal member on the team, the COO will be THE key point of leadership to all staff members and work closely with the owner(s) on Firm-wide strategy, systems development, and HR issues. The COO will be involved in all phases of administration, personnel, finances, facilities, technology, and security, and will be responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the day-to-day operations of the Firm.

An ideal candidate will have at least 10 years of experience as a Professional Legal Administrator or in a COO-level role and will have experience helping startup-level enterprises navigate the complexities of rapid growth (10x the industry average). Critical requirements include a strong metrics and productivity focus, a steady management hand to foster a blossoming corporate culture, the utmost in professionalism, and ready to have FUN growing a phenomenal business with a premier law firm in the area.

Systems & Operational Process Refinement

  • Create and Implement Firm Management procedures to prepare the Firm to double in revenue
  • Implement OKRs methodologies to manage Firm growth and staff performance.
  • Implement staff performance review and feedback systems, timelines, and procedures.
  • Refine and maintain the Firm's technology infrastructure to minimize waste and maximize internal efficiencies within the Firm.
  • Create internal process audit systems
  • Define and implement productivity metrics and dashboards whereby we can more accurately measure and improve Firm efficiency.
  • Lead refinement of SKUs

Financial Management

  • Work with the Firm's outsourced CFO to plan and implement the Firm's annual marketing and operations budgets.
  • Collaborate with Owner to improve financial controls and analyze key financial reports to identify inefficiencies in the Firm and spot opportunities for improvement to the Firm's bottom-line.
  • Coordinate with and supervise the bookkeeper on general ledger and trust accounting.
  • Manage the Firm's billing functions (e.g. monitoring work in process, creating systems to ensure that completed work gets billed in a timely manner).
  • Supervise collections activities.

Facilities Management 

  • Oversee the Director of Operations to facilitate the smooth operation of the back-end operations of the Firm.
  • Equip and open the Firm's new office spaces
  • Approve the purchasing of office equipment and supplies.
  • Ensure emergency protocols are in place, with staff trained on the same, when needed.


At a minimum, the COO will have graduated from a recognized college or university with major course work in business administration or management, finance, human resources, technology or marketing, or comparable work experience.

An MBA and professional certifications like the Certified Legal Manager (CLM) designation are strongly preferred.

At a minimum, the COO must have previous knowledge of legal or other professional service organizations and have significant experience managing business operations such as operations finance, marketing, facilities, and human resources. Experience in Management systems and operational process refinement are of the highest importance.

An ideal candidate will have 10+ years' experience as a COO or Professional Legal Administrator, managing law firm operations for law firms with fewer than 5 full-time attorneys on staff, as well as law firms with more than 20 full-time attorneys on staff.


Initial target compensation for this position is between $110,000 and $130,000 via a mix of a base salary plus a bonus and comes with an attractive benefits package that includes health insurance.

Ad #A02194047
Posted: 2/23/2019 4:08:41 PM
Amy Crawford

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