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Legal Administrator
California  - Newport Beach

SMALL BOUTIQUE LAW FIRM SEEKING A PROFESSIONAL LEGAL ADMINISTRATOR WITH EXPERIENCE. Our fast-growing law firm is seeking an experienced Professional Legal Administra-tor to work directly with the Law Firm Owners to oversee everything except the practice of law. This includes not only strategic planning, project management, and critical administrative and financial oversight, but is also a key leadership role in shaping and the sustaining firm.
We need a Law Firm Administrator who is experienced at workflow and project management, who deeply understands employee engagement and management and who will be invested in making important contributions to the success of the Firm. We're an established law firm with offices in Newport Beach.
We need a bona fide Professional Legal Administrator who has experience running an office and building a successful business. We are not looking for an Office Manager or an Administrative As-sistant. The position encompasses a wide range of activities with involvement in all phases of ad-ministration, personnel, finances, facilities, and business systems.
We need someone with the experience and maturity to work closely with the Owners on strategy, policy, problem-solving, and decision-making. This position will be responsible for planning, organ-izing, directing, and controlling the day-to-day operations of the Firm, and for directing the imple-mentation of procedures for the the Firm. This position is responsible for improving both our peo-ple and our systems. You must be able to show evidence of your prior success with: Playing a role in management of teams of 15+ people and budgets of $3,000,000 or more, Systems management and process refinement to ensure matters are handled appropriately so that client needs are met, legal & ethical requirements are met, and clients receive excellent service. This position also in-cludes leadership, employee engagement, supervision and termination of employees, measuring what matters and using common financial reports to make business decisions (budget variance, P&L, cashflow forecast, collections), managing vendors such as bookkeepers, accountants, and technology services.
The right person for this role must: Lead change - drive it and thrive in it, have a positive attitude, talk more about the solution than the problem, equally embrace both aspects of the "work/life bal-ance", never hesitate to praise when deserved and correct when needed, have thick skin and high empathy, and have keen conflict resolution skills (not conflict avoidance skills). Prior legal experi-ence is required. Knowledge of family law practice will be helpful.
In all cases, you need to commit to getting yourself up to speed quickly because you will be ex-pected to make sure cases and clients are getting the attention they need and that the staff is fol-lowing the rules. This is an executive-level position.


1. Monitor the workflow pipeline to ensure matters and clients move progressively to established mile-stones and resolution in the prescribed amount of time; considers case/matter workflow management & benchmarking from the systemic level to ensure personnel and processes are performing according to exceptions.
2. Consult with the owners and design workflow processes and systems to build in professional and ethical representation and Firm profitability.
Review Firm workflows for efficiency, profitability, and staff capacity (with management team)
1. Work to oversee and execute financial systems: time-tracking, billing, trust account management, collections, bookkeeping, expense management, accounts payables, payroll, audits, taxes.
2. Implement the Firm's annual forward-looking budget.

1. Screen potential new clients and perform conflict checks.
2. Ensure Lead Tracking and Sales Conversion metrics are provided. Ensure monthly and quarterly metrics assess ROI of marketing campaigns.

· The Administrator must have the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in Business, Accounting, or a related field, or equivalent work experience; have significant supervisory experience and ex-perience working in a professional services firm. Experience in law firm budgeting, bookkeep-ing, and human resources is highly preferred.
· It is essential for the Administrator to be "in the know" about technology and profitability trends to ensure the Firm is maximizing technology and resource developments to increase ca-pacity and efficiency

Ad #A05216417
Posted: 5/2/2021 12:41:17 PM
Robert Burch / Courtney Shepard
Burch Shepard Family Law Group, APC
20281 SW Birch Street First Floor, Ste 830, Newport Beach, California 92660
Phone: 9495024400;

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