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HR Package Registration 2019 Second Offering
HR Package Registration 2019 Second Offering
Enrollment in both HR 1 and HR 2 Courses
The HR Package option allows you to purchase seats in both HR courses (HR1 and HR2) at a discount. The HR2 Course will begin in July 2019 and those purchasing the package will be automatically enrolled in that course (no need to register again). Completing requirements for both courses will give you FREE access to the Legal Management HR Specialist Certificate program, an exam which allows you to earn an additional credential. Access to archived content to both HR courses will last for 16 weeks from the start date of each course.

July 15 - August 25, 2019
HR 1 Course: Employee Selection & Promotion

September 16 - October 27, 2019
HR 2 Course: Performance Management & Compensation
Discounted member price: 999.00
You could save: 20.0%