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Performance improvement is a topic that is on a lot of association member's minds at this time of year, as annual budgets are evaluated and we look for ways to streamline and improve productivity and performance in our industry.

Board member Dominique Barclay, vice president of finance for Versaton Canada, explains how her company conducts an annual performance improvement evaluation of their manufacturing processes--an evaluation that last year saved Versaton over $750,000!

Job Openings

Accounting Manager - Versaton Canada

The Accounting Manager is responsible for all areas relating to financial reporting. Responsible for developing and maintaining accounting principles, practices and procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial statements. Coordinates with department heads to address the reporting needs of each area and program of the organization. This position operates under tight deadlines and a wide range of accounting activities including bookkeeping, financial reporting, year-end audit preparation and budget preparation. Contact Amelie Venet (, HR Director at Versaton Canada.

Database Administrator - Opus West

Opus West is searching for a Database Manager, who will be primarily responsible for supervising & maintaining the member database in iMIS. Duties include but are not limited to the accurate execution of the entire donation process, from donation entry, credit card processing, acknowledgement letters, billing, importing and exporting data, daily and monthly report generation and account reconciliation; and providing general membership assistance and customer service. Contact Clara Chen at Opus West.

Member Spotlight

Jane Johnson
Jane Johnson is the Director of Accounting for Versaton Europe. A native of Scotland, Jane is a graduate of Cambridge University and worked at Dun and Bradstreet for six years before joining Versaton. At Versaton, she worked with John Tan in the marketing department at the corporate headquarters in Los Angeles before transferring back to the UK to head the membership department in the European office. Jane loves living in London and feels fortunate to work with so many talented people!

Jane is a member of the iMIS Association's Awards Committee, and particularly enjoys event planning and celebrating the achievements of the best and brightest in our industry. (If you have enjoyed attending our annual gala, Jane is one reason we have such fantastic entertainment and a beautiful setting for the awards.)  She is married to William, an anesthesiologist with the NHS, and is the mother of  first graders Clare and Cecilia. She enjoys biking and hiking with her girls.

Discounted This Month

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Confronting Addiction in the Law Firm

MARCH 8, 2017 — MARCH 9, 2018
In 2016, The Journal of Addiction Medicine published a groundbreaking study by Hazelden Betty Ford and the American Bar Association Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs: The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys. Although it has been commonly presumed that the legal profession had a heightened rate of these problems as compared... Details
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Are you already networking but all that effort is not translating into results? Does everyone seem to be getting further ahead even though you are just as smart? Are you looking for a new job or up for a promotion? Do you have great ideas but no one seems to be listening to them? If any of these situations resonate, this book is for you!

And even if you are already a Connector, this book will help you take it up a level.

Connectors think and act a certain... Details
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CM12 - Learn to Use C-Suite Coaching Skills (1 Hour 30 Minutes)

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May 14 — June 18, 2020
Maximize your learning and enhance your problem-solving skills in this facilitated online, scenario-based course that covers developing strategic and operational goals among personnel at a law firm. It includes case studies, lectures, readings and assessments to maximize your knowledge base and enrich your problem-solving skills. Topics include termination procedures, employee handbooks, training, motivational techniques, incentives, and... Details
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Sept. 17 — Oct. 20, 2020
Maximize your learning and enhance your problem-solving skills in this facilitated online, scenario-based course that covers developing strategic and operational goals among personnel at a law firm. It includes case studies, lectures, readings and assessments to maximize your knowledge base and enrich your problem-solving skills. Topics include termination procedures, employee handbooks, training, motivational techniques, incentives, and... Details
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July 16 — August 20, 2020
Gain information on the essential areas of recruiting, selecting and promoting law firm personnel through facilitated discussions and on-demand learning that includes case studies, lectures, readings and assessments. Topics include U.S. Federal Employment Laws, Employee Benefit Laws, Workers' Compensation, Harassment Prohibition Policy, Qualified Retirement Plans and 401K/Investment Policies.

CLM Credits Available (based on... Details
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Law Firm Management Essentials Course: Leadership
This e-learning course contains two modules.

Legal management professionals are faced with leadership challenges every day. You manage up and down the reporting line — managing partners and executive committees on the up, staff on the down — in an industry that is being reshaped by economic pressures and technology. Though it is sometimes a difficult position to be in, it also means that you — and those around... Details
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From Amazon: With compassion, clarity, and conviction (and a dash of comedy for good measure) popular speaker and employment law attorney Scott Warrick distills conflict resolution to just three simple moves: Empathic Listening, Parroting, and Rewards (EPR). Because no one can use their EPR skills unless they can control themselves, he also shows you how to become an Emotionally Intelligent communicator, as mental toughness is a critical component in resolving conflict. The formula... Details
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July 14 — August 18, 2020
Expand your knowledge of the basic functions of accounting and financial management in this facilitated online program where you will objectively approach and address financial problems. Through case studies, lectures, videos, readings, and exams, you will be guided to evaluate presented resources in relation to your professional experiences and apply effective financial decision-making skills. Topics include types of accounts, federal payroll ... Details
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Sept. 15 — Oct. 20, 2020
Do the complexities of financial information and analysis keeping you up at night? This interactive, online program will focus on the budgeting, financial reporting, analysis of cash flow, model building, and variance within a law firm. You will be guided to apply the skills gained in the course by interpreting financial statements, calculating and interpreting various financial ratios, conducting profit analyses, and analyzing comparative... Details
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Law Firm Management Essentials Course: Human Resources
This e-learning course contains five modules.

Managing human resources in a law firm is a very complex and dynamic task. As administrators and managers of the business of law, we have to ensure we have the right people on the team, and that team is engaged and focused on delivering superior service to our clients. The skilled administrator must understand the goals of the firm, while navigating the legal... Details
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A Lesson in Leadership for Legal Management Professionals

July 15, 2019 — December 1, 2020
Extraordinary things can happen when legal managers increase self-awareness by seeking feedback.

More than ever, today's legal management professionals are expected to have leadership capabilities. Deciding on which skills and behaviors to build into each firm's environment can only be truly effective if the leader is willing to seek feedback about ... Details
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It's no secret that individual lawyers are under siege in a profession with a high incidence of stress, divorce, substance abuse, and suicide. In this groundbreaking multi-dimensional collection, you can find tools and information that enable you to have both a successful career and a happy, satisfied life. These tools will teach you how to harness the transformative power of being more relational and less transactional.

The earmark of happy lawyers is the development... Details
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The organizational competence of project management provides a solid foundation for every activity conducted by a business and the practice of law. Legal project management (LPM) provides the discipline that enables lawyers and those who manage legal work – in law firms, law departments and alternate legal services providers – to define, demonstrate and deliver greater value by balancing the scope of work, time, and resources as they strive for optimal efficiency, outcomes and client ... Details
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Annual Conference 2018 C-Suite Recording Bundle

Members qualify for discounted pricing. Please login to receive your Member Discount.

Annual Conference 2018 Attendees, these recordings are available to you free of charge. To find them, log in to your ALA Account, navigate to "Account Details", and locate them on the "My Media" tab.

Featuring the... Details

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Featuring the following Sessions:

  • CM12 - Learn to Use C-Suite Coaching Skills
  • CM14 - Creating an Empowered Environment
  • CM22 - People, Process and Change Management
  • CM31 - Stand in Your Power: Building Influence and Impact
  • CM33 - What’s EQ Got to Do With It: Using Emotional Intelligence to Maximize Everything
  • FM10 - Modernizing Partner Compensation: Incentivizing the New Normal
  • FM11 - The Basic ... Details
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