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FM1 Course: Law Firm Accounting (2022)
FM1 Course: Law Firm Accounting (2022)
July 12— August 16, 2022
Expand your knowledge of the basic functions of accounting and financial management in this facilitated online program where you will objectively approach and address financial problems. Through case studies, lectures, videos, readings, and exams, you will be guided to evaluate presented resources in relation to your professional experiences and apply effective financial decision-making skills. Topics include types of accounts, federal payroll and employee benefit procedures, tax and reporting requirements, and general accounting procedures, laws, and regulations. The following is an outline of the topics:

  • Week 1: General Accounting
  • Week 2: Banking & Investment
  • Week 3: Trust Accounting
  • Week 4: Payroll, Taxes, & Reporting
  • Week 5: Legal Organization Structures
  • Week 6: Special Accounting Issues

The live lessons will be held on Tuesdays from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Central Time. These lessons will also be recorded for on-demand access.
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