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FM2 Course: Financial Information & Analysis (2023)
FM2 Course: Financial Information & Analysis (2023)
Tuesday, 9/12/2023 - Tuesday, 10/17/2023
Do the complexities of financial information and analysis keep you up at night? This interactive, online program will focus on the budgeting, financial reporting, analysis of cash flow, model building, and variance within a law firm. You will be guided to apply the skills gained in the course by interpreting financial statements, calculating and interpreting various financial ratios, conducting profit analyses, and analyzing comparative financial information across fiscal years. Case studies, lectures, videos, readings, and assessments will be used. Topics include automated financial management systems, alternative fee arrangements, financial controls, computer-based tools for financial analysis and management, client matter budgeting, and electronic billing. The following is an outline of the topics:
  • Week 1: Automated Systems
  • Week 2: Financial Methods & Investments
  • Week 3: Financial Analysis Methods
  • Week 4: Budgeting & Variance Analysis
  • Week 5: AFAs
  • Week 6: e-Tools & Billing

The live lessons will be held on Tuesdays from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Central Time. These lessons will also be recorded for on-demand access.
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