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The Best Lawyer You Can Be
The Best Lawyer You Can Be
It's no secret that individual lawyers are under siege in a profession with a high incidence of stress, divorce, substance abuse, and suicide. In this groundbreaking multi-dimensional collection, you can find tools and information that enable you to have both a successful career and a happy, satisfied life. These tools will teach you how to harness the transformative power of being more relational and less transactional.

The earmark of happy lawyers is the development of emotional intelligence, resilience, and mindfulness practice. The book provides the keys to the kingdom, what is essential to thrive in the competitive environment of lawyering. The material comes from recognized experts who provide step-by-step behavioral guidance of what you need to do. The material is easily accessible. Each chapter has a summary and conclusion. Follow the wisdom and it's guaranteed to change your life and career.

Author: Stewart Levine

Stewart Levine is the founder of ResolutionWorks, a consulting and training organization dedicated to providing skills and ways of thinking needed to build strong organizational cultures. He spent 10 years practicing law before becoming an award-winning marketing executive serving the legal profession at AT&T, where he was recognized as a pioneer “intrapreneur.” He uses his approach to form teams and joint ventures in a variety of situations. Stewart has worked with large and small law firms, legal departments, and government agencies across the country.
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