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Stop Rearranging the Chairs™: Leading in Times of Change...
Stop Rearranging the Chairs™: Leading in Times of Change...
Full Title: Stop Rearranging the Chairs™: Leading in Times of Change and Crisis

Even more meaty than the book on moving cheese, this webinar will equip you with change management skills. With real world examples on how NOT to lead when things hit the fan with simple guidance to keep leaders from panicking, Stop Rearranging the Chairs™ will entertain you and improve your leadership skills. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to quickly assess priorities, be decisive when it’s needed the most and maintain your sanity when it seems the world is changing or at times, falling apart. Whether a massive change is under way or you simply want to be prepared for future organizational developments, this webinar is designed with the new and veteran leader in mind. Manage more change than you thought possible while keeping everyone safe and engaged with this interactive, engaging one-hour webinar!

  • Avoid panic and excessive stress in times of duress
  • Keep a cool head and still direct those looking to be led on the team
  • Make tough decisions in times of change (including a change in workforce size)
  • Motivate and engage those you lead even more than you did when things were normal!

Other Information:
CLM® credit: Organizational Development
(Date of webinar: 2/6/2019)
Discounted member price: 29.00
You could save: 63.3%