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Why the Legal Profession Is ...
Why the Legal Profession Is ...
Full Title: Why the Legal Profession Is the Nation’s Least Diverse (And How to Fix It)

Sybil Dunlop interviewed diverse legal professionals from around the country about their experiences in the legal industry. These individuals’ voices offer practical advice as well as haunting testimony reflecting how far we still have to go to increase diversity in the legal profession. This webinar pairs their experiences with research showing how explicit and implicit biases in the legal profession render it the least diverse. Participants will walk away with practical advice and actions needed to serve as change agents in their own organizations

  • Identify three reasons why the legal profession is the nation's least diverse.
  • Discuss why the legal profession's lack of diversity harms firms and our profession.
  • Discover reasons why past efforts to improve diversity in the legal profession have failed.
  • Review three steps law firms can take to improve our profession’s diversity.
  • Recognize three things individuals can do to ensure that our law firms are inclusive.

(Date of webinar: 8/10/2022 at 2:00pm CT)
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