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LFME: Legal Industry
LFME: Legal Industry
Law Firm Management Essentials Course: Legal Industry
This e-learning course contains five modules.

As administrators and managers of the business of law, we must ensure that we have knowledge of current trends in the legal industry and learn how external factors affect us and our firms. Learning the importance of staying current on legal trends and using them in our firm’s strategic plans will help us develop strategies to improve our law firm’s performance and help make them “Dynamic Law Firms.”

The amount of data our firms create, review and store grows exponentially each year. How we manage and secure that data is paramount to staying competitive in the legal industry. When we have gained the knowledge that we need to better manage our firms, we must share it with our firms and our peers. We must also work to implement changes that will keep our firms dynamic and moving forward in our ever-changing industry.
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