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SEO and Social Media - What They Really Mean and...
SEO and Social Media - What They Really Mean and...
Full Title: SEO and Social Media - What They Really Mean and How Your Firm Should Use Them

Both SEO (search engine optimization) and social media are extremely important concepts, but are often both confusing and misunderstood. In this session, we'll explore the core concepts of each in plain English. Even more importantly, we'll discuss why your firm should initiate or continue using one or both initiatives. Whether your goal is business development, marketing, or employee attraction and retention, you'll leave this session knowing how to better communicate in language understandable to attorneys, marketing and professional staff.

  • Define "one version of the truth" when it comes to SEO and social media, so those at your firm can use terms and concepts congruent with your business objectives.
  • Identify opportunities to improve current SEO and social media initiatives with simple enhancements.
  • Discover which SEO and social media projects are worth pursuing, and which will yield the best results.
  • Explain how best to communicate ideas with marketing departments and/or marketing/PR business partners, to align with agreed-upon metrics of success.

Other Information:
Length: 60 Minutes
Audience Level: Intermediate
CLM® Application Management Category -FS: Legal Industry/Business Management
(Date of webinar: 1/8/2019)
Discounted member price: 29.00
You could save: 63.3%
Knowledge is an investment in yourself, thank you for learning with us!