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Building Accountability into your Culture
Building Accountability into your Culture
Accountability is an essential part of leadership and management. In fact, without it, there is no way to establish credibility and trust among team members. It is so important that employees are held accountable for their work, individually and as part of a team. It is only when everyone in an organization is held accountable does accountability become part of a culture. But, it does not stop there — creating the culture is one thing, but maintaining it is another. This session will discuss ways to use expectations, reviews, incentives and your company values to maintain a culture of accountability.

  • Discuss the value of a firm culture that embraces accountability.
  • Identify effective ways to hold people accountable.
  • Explain how to leverage the employee feedback loop to emphasize accountability.

Other Information:
Length: 60 Minutes
Audience Level: Essentials
CLM® Application Management Category -FS: Legal Industry/Business Management
(Date of webinar: 11/7/2019)
Discounted member price: 29.00
You could save: 63.3%
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