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The Ethical Considerations of Law Firm Leadership: 13...
The Ethical Considerations of Law Firm Leadership: 13...
Full Title: The Ethical Considerations of Law Firm Leadership: 13 Things You Might Not Be Thinking About but Should Be!

Among the topics we’ll discuss:
People Issues
  • Being honest, keeping promises, leading by example, earning trust
  • Ensuring a safe and secure work environment
  • Sensitively and effectively handling behavioral and substance abuse issues
  • Maintaining appropriate client and internal firm confidentiality
  • Executing succession plans among senior lawyers

Client Issues
  • Formulating appropriate and transparent billing practices
  • Deftly triage leadership conflicts of interest
  • Maintaining consistently high-quality work product
  • Maintaining consistently high-quality service

Firm Issuess
  • Building a cohesive, effective firm-first culture
  • Keeping up with appropriate current technologies, including remote access and cyber-security
  • (Competence, confidentiality and third parties)
  • Ensuring that associates and staff receive meaningful, thorough training, evaluation and feedback
  • Creating a fair, understandable compensation system


  • Gain a better understanding of the ethical considerations of law firm leadership
  • Explore the tenets of effective leadership for managing partners and firm administrators
  • Identify specific recommendations on this important topic

Other Information: 

  • 60 Minutes 


John Remsen

(Date of webinar: 11/12/2019)
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