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Microsoft Word Power Hour
Microsoft Word Power Hour
Affinity Consulting experts will bring you a Power Hour of training on each of the tools you use most in the legal profession. This webinar will include 50 minutes of training and 10 minutes of Q&A. Due to the complex formatting often required with legal documents, most users find Microsoft Word to be frustrating. It’s the primary tool used to produce work product, yet many feel it works against them. Join Affinity Managing Partner Debbie Foster and Affinity Senior Consultant Danielle DavisRoe as they show you exactly how to fix the common legal drafting problems plaguing you now and avoid them in the future. Learn dozens of tips and techniques you can put into practice immediately. Even if you feel you have Word under control, we guarantee you will learn new things about Word in this Power Hour webinar!

  • Identify and apply recommended changes to Word settings.
  • Discover how to revise Word default formatting to conform to firm standards.
  • Use common Word actions more efficiently.

Other Information:
Length: 60 Minutes
Audience Level: Intermediate
CLM® Application Credit: 1 hour in Information Technology
CLM® Application Credit for Functional Specialists: 1 hour in the subject area of Operations Management (OM) towards the additional hours required of some Functional Specialists to fulfill the CLM application.
CLM® Recertification Credit: 1 hour in the subject area of Operations Management (OM)
(Date of webinar: 5/25/2020)
Discounted member price: 29.00
You could save: 63.3%
Knowledge is an investment in yourself, thank you for learning with us!