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Complete the Stress Cycle Workshop!
Complete the Stress Cycle Workshop!
Jacqui’s signature workshop on Completing the Stress Cycle shares tools that provide instant and repeatable relief from the stress response. Participants have the chance to actively try each of the tools and learn how to recognize when each tool will be the most effective to use. A portion of this workshop is active, please wear clothes you are comfortable moving in.


In this Workshop you will learn:
  • How to discharge the physiological effects of stress from the body.
  • Quick and easy tools for rewiring the body and mind for thriving.
  • How nervous-system-informed leaders curate optimal environments for creativity and executive brain function.
  • How to use Neuroception and the Social Engagement System to increase your sense of wellbeing.
  • How to dislodge chronic stress from your nervous system.

(Date of webinar: 3/22/2023 at 2:00pm CT)
Discounted member price: 29.00
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Knowledge is an investment in yourself, thank you for learning with us!