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How to Accelerate Firmwide Growth Through...
How to Accelerate Firmwide Growth Through...
Full Title: How to Accelerate Firmwide Growth Through Smarter Collaboration

Law firms have amassed talent and capabilities in an effort to advance client value and firm revenues. Now, firms want synergies and a greater return by seeing existing and new talent collaborate effectively across silos. When multiple professionals with a deep expertise and diverse talents work together to solve more critical problems for a client or firm — what is called “Smarter Collaboration,” as coined by Heidi K. Gardner, PhD, — firms earn higher revenues and employee engagement. Yet every firm faces obstacles to collaboration that aren’t always obvious. In fact, firms frequently jump directly to disparate initiatives without really identifying a problem.

Join Clinton Gary and learn more about the principles of Smarter Collaboration and the frequently seen barriers, helping leaders at all levels and departments obtain a clear-eyed view of your firm’s readiness to implement a collaboration-related strategy and identify how and where to spend their energy to foster smarter collaboration.

  • Discuss a case for investing in smarter collaboration.
  • Identify frequent barriers to smarter collaboration in law firms.
  • Discover a methodology to identify barriers to smarter collaboration.
  • List examples to accelerate smarter collaboration.

(Date of webinar: 5/31/2023 at 2:00pm Central Time)
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