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Keys to Crafting Concise Content
Keys to Crafting Concise Content
Let’s be honest: Isn’t most legal lingo boring? You know, “The party of the first part doth comprehend...”. Now it’s true that legal documents and information must be concise, but does that have to mean dull?

Not necessarily. There are ways to make any law office’s materials — articles, newsletters, case studies, web content and much more — far more interesting, while still meeting legal requirements. See some before and after examples of content creation and learn more about what to institute at your firm to generate “factual but fascinating” materials.

  • Define your role within the legal content creation process.
  • Describe the importance of tailoring legal content to suit the needs and expectations of different audiences.
  • Demonstrate how to conduct a review and approval procedure for legal content.
  • Apply the knowledge of approval processes to ensure compliance with internal quality standards.
  • Develop strategies to make legal materials more interesting while meeting legal requirements.
  • Recognize how to combine various techniques and insights to create compelling legal content that remains legally sound.

(Date of webinar: 12/13/2023 at 2:00pm CT)
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