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The Technology Trap: Rethinking Digital Transformation
The Technology Trap:  Rethinking Digital Transformation
Buying the latest technology doesn’t always mean you’re moving forward. Do you ever wonder why all those shiny new tools don’t seem to fix the persistent issues? Or how to get your team on board with changes they don’t always love? And let’s not forget the real goal here — making sure the tech you choose and the changes you are making will make things better for you and your clients, instead of just piling on more complexity. This isn’t just about technology and applications; it’s about people, smart planning and leadership that’s as committed to evolving as it is to providing top-notch legal services. We’re talking about leading your firm to a place where using technology makes sense — not just because it’s new, but because it truly fits into how you want to work and where you want to go. Join us for a webinar that's all about finding that sweet spot. You’ll walk away with practical steps to move past the tech hype, build a culture that’s all about smart change and shape a digital strategy that helps you chart a path to real digital transformation.

  • Articulate what meaningful digital transformation could look like in your firm.
  • Develop a change management plan along with skills to effectively lead your team through the digital transformation process.
  • Formulate a digital transformation strategy that leverages insights from the session for ongoing improvement and growth.

(Date of webinar: 5/29/2024 at 2:00pm CT)
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