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Ransomware Reshaped: Evolving Your Defenses
Ransomware Reshaped: Evolving Your Defenses
Ransomware is evolving! High-profile law enforcement takedowns are making cybercriminals change their strategies, and your old prevention methods don't work like they used to. Attackers are using sneaky new tactics to stay under the radar longer, target your cloud data and cause massive disruptions to your business. Join us for a deep dive into the modern methods that criminals rely on to carry out their attacks.

What happens to your data after it’s been stolen? Get an in-depth walkthrough of a ransomware attack with screenshots and videos. Find out how bad patch management can be a green light for criminals in your network and why protecting your cloud data is a top priority. Along the way we’ll give you practical tips to stopping ransomware attacks before they even begin. Don't be caught off guard when it really matters. Learn how to protect your network and keep from becoming the latest headline!

  • Explain how cybercriminals lurk in your network and steal data.
  • Describe how the data that you maintain is monetized by cybercriminals.
  • Show why patching and software maintenance are important to a good defense.
  • Apply simple but effective cybersecurity practices that keep hackers away.
(Date of webinar: 6/12/2024 at 2:00pm CT)
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